Saturday, April 15, 2006

Five photos, three passions

So I've begun Lelah in earnest, and I have to say that although the yarn shed all over my black t-shirt, it's like knitting with bunny-tails (without the sneezing) and therefore I am in love. I've got about half of the lace repeats done:

I am glad this is a tube with elastic at the bust, because I have no clue if gauge is going to screw me bad on this project. I can't tell if it's going to be a tent- or fit at all. But it sure is cute. Here's a closeup:

File Under Wedding Madness: My vase collection is growing, slowly. I think I've just about cleared out all of the resale shops around here, but at less than a dollar a pop, these white glass vases (which, by the way, I saw in a centerpiece arrangement in Martha Stewart Weddings so there!) are going to be quite cost effective. Now, I wonder if I can put snapdragons in the bud vases... you know, if the stems are long enough:

Spring is in the air around the house, and as I left this afternoon to catch dinner with Mike, we spotted one of my many (MANY!) squirrels (which happen to be my power animal, thank you very much) chomping an acorn and generally looking cute:

What, mortal?

Oh, nevermind.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I promise I'm still alive.

I've got some explaining to do, though. I've been MIA and completely kntting-free for quite a while. The good news is that I think the weather's nice enough to start work on Lelah. And Holly and Jenny and I (oh my!) have been working, slowly but surely, on that afghan. And other than that, it's been wedding wedding wedding. And hoping for a job.

I've got almost 400 cranes folded, and I'll do another 30 or so during American Idol (yeah, I know. I roll my eyes at myself, too). I overbought on origami paper. I've got enough to make about 3000 cranes. Whoops. Meh, it's gorgeous and I'll use it for something. MyPublisher has a promising photobook- it's 12" by 16"! And for about sixty bucks! And if you search on the interwebs, you can find coupons! That's definitely what we'll be doing with our candids and pro shots. These are probably the rings we'll get, if Dan's fingers can fit the size (maybe). I still need to buy ribbon, make rentals, book the caterer (but we've got a photographer! YEAH!), order the damn flowers already, etc. etc. We're really not that far along. But I do have a dress.

And a place to do it at.

And a person to do it with.

So it's happening. No matter what.

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