Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dusty Rose

Yes, I have been knitting. Not a lot, though- 3x1 ribbing is exhausting! The Tubey is about 7.5" into the body, with another 10-12" to go. Dan likes the colors, and so do I. It's a good thing, too, because it looks like I'm going to have quite a bit left over.

Tubey stripes

I bought some new yarn in the last week from Handpainted Yarn. I wanted to get something to match a dress I have for Joe and Michele's wedding at the end of May. I think I found a pretty good match, too:

Handpainted yarns laceweight Damask Rose

It's the laceweight merino in a rose color, and while it's darker than the polka dots it's a great match. I want to make the Moonlight Sonata shawl on elann's free pattern page. It seems like a mammoth undertaking, but I keep telling myself it's only a 12 row repeat. It's only a 12 row repeat. 12 row. Repeat. I love the way the dots match up with the dots on the dress. The only question now is: can I get it done by then?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring is here. AGAIN

So, things have warmed up and greened up in Michigan. The trees are budding, children are playing in the street, midafternoon arguments are wafting through open windows at the trailer park down the way...

The view from the door

I worked a little on the body of Tubey yesterday. Picking up stitches is among my least favorite tasks in knitting, but after the second try, it looks okay. The back is going to need some serious blocking (and maybe an ironing) to make it lie flat, but it fits and it's not too wonky.

The library system here in town has a decent array of knitting books. Here are three I want, and one I want to make copies from:

Library haul

I got the letter from Eastern- I got an assistantship working on the linguistlist. Now I don't know what to do. I'm meeting with the adviser on Wednesday. I feel like I'm being pulled in two distinct directions. Everyone's got an opinion on where I should go. And it's my fault- I have asked everyone. And then there's the decisions that come from the decisions: should we move? Should I quit one (or more) of my current jobs? Which one? I am afraid that no matter what I choose, I'm not going to be satisfied.

He thinks I should go to Eastern.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Official Hooray

I got the letter from Wayne State today, as the adviser said I would. I'm in! Now all I need is to hear from Eastern, and to hear decisions on the scholarships.

In other news, Dan got a letter from Baker indicating that he will receive $2100 next year in aid. That is going to take a LOT of pressure off of us. What a relief to be declared officially too poor for school!

Bundt cake. Bundt cake.

It's one of those phrases that I can't stop saying. I love the sound of it! Bundt cake.

Lemon poppyseed bundt cake

If you don't already have a Nordicware bundt pan, get one. Even if you don't like cake. Even if you don't have an oven. Get the damn cake pan! They're beautiful, and the cake I made turned out fantastic- evenly browned, not too crusty (and it's a low-fat cake!).

Come inside.

In other news: I got a cute postcard from my secret pal. Thanks again! I can't wait to see what comes next.

Lemon poppyseed bundt cake
retro kitchen: note the blender, tablecloth, walls, cake...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who likes memes?


I couldn't just keep going on tubey. I needed a distraction for a couple of days. I dug out all the crappy acrylic that is not actually attached to any needles and started this:

Log Cabin Stash Busting

As you can see, most of my crappy acrylic comes from the 70s. Note the construction cone orange and lots of beige. I wanted to get better at picking up stitches before I got to the body of the sweater, so I picked a project that is nothing but picking up stitches. The center is wonky, but you can definitely follow my progress around the blanket. I think that once it's finished it's going to be dropped at the nursing home where Gramma Mae is right now. She can have it if she wants, or I'll give it to her roommate.

Last night Dan and I watched The Prestige for the second time. It was good to watch it again and catch all the little things we missed the first time (don't worry, I won't spoil anything). I really like that movie. There are plenty of little rewards for the closely-watching audience. While we watched, I started on the second sleeve of tubey. Finally!

Tubey- second sleeve

I don't like the cuff, so I'm going to do something different on this sleeve, and then go back and change the other one, I think. I want to be done with this project by auditions, which is the second week of May. Think I can do it?

Log Cabin Stash Busting

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye, Kurt

Kurt Vonnegut is dead.

I remember stealing my father's copies of Player Piano and Breakfast of Champions down off the bookshelf as a kid. They were a profanely liberating experience. It was hard to imagine, however, that my father ever read them.

But he did.

Monday, April 9, 2007

The stripes took three tries!

Tubey sleeve detail

Tubey progress

Tubey progress

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Weekend Update

So there's been a little lapse in the posting- sorry! I have plenty of photographs to show off, though.

Last Sunday Mike, Holly, and I went to Ann Arbor to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak at the public library. Holly was the driving force behind the trip, but I was thoroughly entertained and even bought the new Yarn Harlot book and had it signed. She was supposed to take the stage at 2 o'clock, but some bad weather and a number of mishaps delayed her till 4. It was no big deal for us, because Seva was around the corner and we met Damien for some vegetarian lunchables (and Mike and I were both Weight Watchers-compatible. yay!)

While we waited, there was all manner of knitting:

Holly's progress

Holly is also knitting Tubey, and I love love love the color of Aurora 8 she's using. It's going to look great on her.

Mike in action!

Mike is getting better and better at the knit stitch, and his Lamb's Pride scarf is growing exponentially. I think he's on the second skein now. There's no going back.

Holy, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and me

And here we are with the Bohus. And the Yarn Harlot. I'm the tallest!

After Mike and Holly left for home, I stayed in Ann Arbor and waited for Dan. I stopped at Busy hands and they have Malabrigo on sale this month for the crazy price of $7.95 a skein! I must go get some for me AND my Secret Pal.

I've been in the middle of a Spring Cleaning fit at home, and today I tackled the kitchen table. I have no picture of it before, but imagine it piled high with wedding gifts from August. Still in boxes. From August. It was bad, but now:

Kitchen table with vintage tablecloth

I still need to get hooks for the pegboard, so that explains the pile of utensils. Check out the vintage tablecloth. I love it! Here's my favorite panel:

Hookah man on vintage tablecloth

I finally spent my Neighborhood Knits certificate that mom gave me for Christmas. I got this cute ball of Lana Grossa sock yarn-I love the violet and lime green and rust together- and a pair of Addi Turbos. I want to try out the magic loop method, and I need to see what all the fuss is about with Addis.

Sock yarn

Thursday, April 5, 2007

There is progress

and I will have photos. Soon!

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