Monday, May 1, 2006

Oh, blog.

Man do I ever feel down lately. There's so much pressure on me to do... well, eight million things.

Things that aren't getting done, for some reason.

There's the nagging problem of getting a damned job. I am at the end of my rope, which is made entirely of resumes and the hair falling out of my head. I have officially been given The Run Around by Andiamo's hiring manager, and because I have no dignity, I will call tomorrow afternoon and pretend that I wasn't stood up for my interview without an apology and wasn't called the next day as promised.

But I do have a job, I must remember. I'm The Director now. That's a lot of pressure. If the show sucks, it'll be Officially My Fault.

Then there's The Wedding. I can't care any more. It's creeping up on me (yeah, Holly, I know that I can't talk, but still) and I have so much to do. I need to get contracts signed and invitations made and and and... the more I think about it, the more I just want to crawl into a hole.

Maybe I just have PMS. But after my period.

I really wish Blogger had a private mode, because I've got some personal kvetching that I can't do publically, for several reasons.

There is a bright side to my life, surprisingly, and expressed in bullet format it looks like a lot:

  • Lelah needs some elastic (and a good blocking) and she's done.
  • I tried on my interview suit my parents bought me in 2004, the year of College Graduation and Real Jobs (ha!), and it fits... well, mostly. I'm not going to get a little snugness in the waist get me down. Surprisingly.
  • I calculated it out, and I'm almost positive my period will neither be during tech week nor my wedding, but rather the week between. Small mercies.
I took a few photos on our trip to Mt. Pleasant that cheer me up:

This is Miles. He was all in my yarn, until I tortured him with the Swatch Bonnet and the red-eye flash on my camera.

Taz toasting flutes? Why the fuck didn't I buy these? So classy!

This was the pinnacle of my good mood lately. Nothing surrounding this moment, but the combination of sunshine, knitting, and a 4-0 of PBR was sublime. Heaven.

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