Friday, August 8, 2008

None of us are free until all of us are free.

Not just some, or a few, or the ones at the top, or them but not me, or me but not them.

And certainly not just the ones with the fucking guns.

I will be enjoying the Olympics this year. I mean, it's the Speedo Olympics, after all. Also, I have a soft spot for the indomitable human spirit, and the Olympics brings it out all day, every day. But I will not forget that no matter where the games are held, any place on Earth, there is a contradiction between the spirit of the Olympics and the actual opportunities and rights of the people who live in the host nation. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Here comes the preachy part (I never get preachy, either... maybe whiny, or grumpy, or angry...):

So get your popcorn and your Olympic-branded beverage of choice (sigh) and enjoy the thrill of watching some of the most talented athletes on Earth continue to best each other and the generations of humans who came before. But maybe think about the people of Tibet a little, too, and what we can do to make the indomitable human spirit a little more like the indomitable humans, period.

Also, check out this blog if you want sweet yarn that screams Free Tibet!

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