Thursday, September 4, 2008

Month two

Smiles! We got smiles in month two. And laughter!

She kept smiling when I wasn't taking a picture.
(smiles are hard to photograph!)

She's learning how her digestion works, and she doesn't get so angry and scared at tummy rumblings anymore.

She has begun sleeping five to six hours at night, which is awesome (what a good baby).

She made it to CRAFT and boingboing. W00t- she's my Katamari baby (hello to everyone who found the blog through links to the Katamari bonnet!).

Tapas restaurant

Month two saw Viv's first vacation- we took her to Gencon in Indianapolis. It was a lot of fun. She loves people and feels totally content in a crowd.

Cripes, Mom

Well, almost.

She and her dad entered the costume contest and won Weirdest Costume, an award given by Andy Hopp, a totally cool artist/author/game designer.

King and Prince of All Cosmos
(she is crying from gas- as soon as she got on stage, she was all smiles and giggles... I think she liked the lights)

She's finally getting cool with being put in her lounge chair, which really frees me up to work (hooray!).

All in all, a pretty good month- and she just keeps getting more awesome every minute. I can't wait to detail all of month three's epic successes (and we're only halfway there, people).

Getting stronger!

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