Thursday, June 8, 2006

My life in pictures

So it's been a busy, busy time for me lately. I don't even have a real job and yet I have managed to fill my time with one activity after another.

I have made it a point to take my camera along with me wherever I go lately, so while I haven't had much to say, I have a lot to show off. I've got a photobucket if anyone's interested in seeing the rest of the story.

The beginning of my whirlwind week was Nate and Holly's wedding and the preparation leading up to the big day. I did a lot of flower arranging and setting up and photo snapping and breaking down. Somewhere in there, two lovely kids got hitched and I drank a lot. A lot lot.

Once that was done, I had to take the 120 people (of 365! Sweet fancy Moses!) I called back for Beauty and the Beast and run them through a marathon audition. At the end of the night, I snapped a couple of pictures to keep faces straight, and to have proof that everyone was a good sport about it:

Leon, Nick, John, Patrick, Michelle, Andrea, Amy, Kenny, Lauren, Lindsey, and Mike (I am the name-master of Warren Civic Theatre!)

Moments after casting was finished, I turned my focus to Motor City Pride weekend, and for the first time I went to a Whitney Garden Party. Mike and I snuck in early under the guise of "helping out" but then I felt guilty and we sold over $270 in raffle tickets. I caught some awesome snapshots of Kayene Taylor giving her best Jessica Rabbit to Jeff Montgomery:

And if that weren't proud enough, I actually had to work the damn event on Sunday, too. Rain threatened in the morning, but it was all sunshine as soon as the crowds started flooding in. I admit that by the end of the day I was really pissy and exhausted, but if we made more money than last year (which was 4 times as much as they had ever made before Mike and I came along), it'll be worth it.

We were doing okay until someone attached a 20 foot banner/sail to some fencing that wasn't sandbagged down and Sean crashed the hi-lo into a flowerbed outside Q.

This hi-lo will have to be towed out. Oh the foolishness!
I dipped my hand in some gold paint. Oh the foolishness!

Crystal Waters was great, but she was outshined, I feel, by Trixie and her usual hysterical banter. "I want to thank all the parents who brought their children to the event and making it even more family-oriented. And now... Crystal Waters! ...oh shit, I forgot someone. What? Yeah, bring him up here. Oh shit, I fucked it up..." Priceless.

My Life in Pictures
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