Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I should be on the treadmill

My time management skills will just have to take a dive here for a moment. My life has officially kicked into overdrive. Let me explain in bullet points:

  • I work at Cariera's three shifts a week
  • the play opens in just over two weeks
  • I work 20+ hours editing Starbucks reports for Second to None
  • I'm planning a wedding that happens in five weeks
This complete change of schedule has led to a lot of days where I forget to eat. All day. And the amount of sleep I get is not proportional to the amount of work I'm doing. And forget about the house being clean any time soon. I have managed to clean the bathroom, and that's good enough. And let's not even talk about my poor garden...

I'm aiming for a couple of dates. August 4th is opening night, and after that, my commitment to the play consists of watching it, and taking notes. Then I'm down to two jobs. After that, August 25th marks the start of the wedding downhill slide, and after that, I won't have to go back to work till September 5th. Hooray!

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