Monday, October 31, 2005

I think I've hit the halfway point

My boobholder may not have any room for boobs yet, but it's almost ready to separate into sleeves and body. I will have an update picture in the next day or so. It's taking shape very nicely, and I think that I will never knit a sweater that isn't in the round and in one piece. I love it!

I will probably have some knitting time tomorrow because, unfortunately, Dan's Uncle Andy died over the weekend and we're heading to Mt. Pleasant tomorrow for the funeral (two and a half hours in the car, although I'll be doing a fair bit of the driving, I suspect). He was not in good health but it's still a bit of a shock. Dan wasn't particularly close to him, and I only met him once, but he was Dan's father's brother, and I think that losing a link to his father could affect Dan more than he realizes, especially after he acted when his grandmother died in July. I worked on the afghan at her memorial service, and everyone told me how much she loved to knit and crochet, but that she wasn't able to do it anymore. I have resolved to learn how to knit with broomsticks in the dark so that I'll still be able to knit when I'm blind and arthritic. And why the hell not?

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