Thursday, November 10, 2005

No pictures yet but a flurry of activity and bullet points

My camera makes me mad. I need to get it to communicate with my new desktop, but it's not working. Yet. I have been knitting, I swear! I put the Boobholder on hold for a moment to work on some other stuff:

  • a ribbed scarf for Dan made of crappy Red Heart acrylic (which will take a tumble with some fabric softener) which was the first project I cast on and got tossed aside when I decided I more urgently needed a crappy knit bikini (the top fits great, but I lost the bottoms while swimming to the amusement of my friends)
  • a series of hats for Nicole's birthday- the first one, made of Woolease worsted according to the devil hat pattern in Stitch n Bitch, was waaaay to big, so I cast on 7 fewer stitches and tried again with some black Red Heart (still too big I think but it's not off the needles yet)
I also need to form some kind of queue to organize the growing pile of intended projects like:
  • Lelah in Bernat Cottontots
  • the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch n Bitch Nation, despite my severe allergy to wool
  • the Mobile Monsters, too- one for my phone and one for my mp3 player (for this and the armwarmers, I bought the recommended yarn!)
  • the Loopy Velez cowl from Stitch n Bitch in Takhi tweed in an olive color (I have five of those and 1 skein of a wine color)
  • and eventually one of each from Knitty
I want to make a bunch of Christmas gifts, but every time I knit or crochet something, I want to keep it for myself. I think I should start making things in pairs.

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