Thursday, September 27, 2007


The weather is starting to turn a little in Michigan. Acorns are falling out of trees onto the pavement like machine-gun fire, it rains in the evening, and the leaves are just beginning to turn. Tracy and I went to the Renaissance Festival last Sunday (another sign of fall), and I took a few pictures:



Belly dancing

Dress hem detail

I've almost turned the second Jaywalker heel, and I'm making slow but steady progress on Petal. I have finally broached the knitting-in-class idea, and so far my profs don't seem to mind. I am still participating, I'm just doing something with my hands (that isn't doodling, playing with my hair, checking my email, or texting). In fact, my acoustics instructor walked past me as I was pulling out my bag and remarked, "Huh. Another knitting linguist." Who'd have thought?

Brian and Beth get married tomorrow, and I am taking my (big bad) camera along. I bought a new (and jeebus! expensive) flash and I can't wait to try it out- the man at the shop (Eric) assures me it's fully auto. That'll be good till I get the hang of it.

Hey, Secret Pal, here's a shot of the soap- the body wash ran out this morning so I am looking forward to giving a full review.

Soap from my Secret Pal

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