Saturday, September 8, 2007

Plugging along

The first week of school is ovah! I met some of the other grad students. They seem pretty nice, although they tried to scare me a little about the syntax class I'm taking. It's not going to be hard. I have had syntax before. Minimalist syntax. With a guy who wrote his dissertation on noun phrases.

I'll be okay.

I've been taking the bus when I can to and from work. Dan really wants to fix the Impala's break lights on his own, so I'm letting him fiddle. The Detroit bus system is kinda crappy, but the route I take comes reasonably close to my house and to work. I hate the stigma that the bus is only for the poor and those who have lost their licenses to irresponsibility, but I guess I have to ask myself: will I continue to ride the bus when I have my car back? On one hand, it's damn convenient to drive. But on the other, gas is expensive, and standing at sketchy bus stops at quarter till midnight makes me feel like a badass.

Nevertheless, commute=commuter knitting!


I'm a little sad that the green only appeared near the heel and toe. I think that means there'll be a lot more in the second sock, which will make them similar but not matchy.


This is too much to lug on the bus now. You can see Stefanie's trademark raglan increases, which I really like. I'm almost to the part where I join the body, and let me say, I am not loving the purl rows right now. I think I will ultimately make the sleeves longer than called for in the pattern because I am using a wool blend, but we'll see. Dan and I have been watching the second season of Twin Peaks, and this makes for great mindless knitting.

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