Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back on knitting!

Hurrah! And even a little crochet, too.

I had the itch really badly this weekend when I should have been working on a final project for school (damn you, acoustics), so I made myself one of these neat headband things that everyone on crafster called a panta. I used up the Kureyon I had left over from when I made the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers. Like, two years ago (sheesh). Well, at least now I have a matching set, and an insatiable lust for Noro that can't be satisfied on the current (baby/school) budget. Yarn philanthropists: email me and I'll send you my address!

Then I started to crochet a Totoro for the baby, and when I looked around my disaster of a craft room, I realized that I had a lot of acrylic everywhere, and that I could make a lot of toys (really, what else is it good for?). After I finish this crochet project, I promised Dan I'd make a bunch of Katamari cousins for Little Mutie.

Then I started an elephant.

Dan's painting the front bedroom, eradicating the floor-to-ceiling royal blue in favor of a light, lemony yellow for the new and improved craft/guest room. Then it's on to the living room, and then the nursery (and then new flooring- yikes!). But I can't help him, and although I'm relieved for not having to labor with a brush, I feel bad for feeling so lazy, and I really want to be a part of improving our house. Oh, well. I'll sew some curtains or something. I am tired and nauseous, and although I am showing a little, I don't feel pregnant, and it frustrates me to not be able to do some things that I would be able to do normally.

There are tradeoffs, though. Last night, for example, I think I felt the baby move. It was a fluttering feeling, not like gas (of which there is a lot!) but... unique to my experience. Maybe it was Mutie, practicing its dance moves.

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