Tuesday, December 6, 2005

More knitting than posting

So, who wants to see pictures of Cheryl's Christmas present?

Well, tough. Here they are anyway:

This is the before picture, with the pattern book as a handy reference. The handles were disturbingly floppy, and the whole thing had a tendency to stretch out. I was a little concerned. It was surprisingly soft to my tender skin (hence the itchy in itchy stitchy), and I think that I could maybe wear a hat made out of the stuff. G-d bless you, Merino sheep!

It took about ten minutes to turn into this:

The handles are still a little floppier than I'd want for my own use and the bag got a lot more shallow than I wanted or expected, but my mother thinks that it's just gorgeous. I don't know about the colors, which is why I picked them- I think they're right up Cheryl's alley but I feel no covetous urge to keep the bag.

The Pippanator's hat and scarf are done (ends darned and everything!), but there's not enough light at the moment to take a good picture. I've started a scarf for the Grammies hat/scarf combo in a dumbed-down basketweave pattern (I don't want to have to think about this one). My mother gave me six skeins of Woolease in a navy tweed from Value Village and drecreed that all shall have winter accessories for Christmas. Sure thing, I thought, as I won't keep navy yarn (ick), and I don't have to pay for anything (ah, so many broke-ass Christmases now). How many winter accessories can I squeeze out of this yarn? Here's what I'm hoping:

  • Scarf and hat for Grammies, in basketweave pattern and with earflaps (as per her request)
  • "I just want a hat for Christmas" hat for dad
  • A cowl and wristwarmers for mom because she already has a brazilian hats and scarves and gloves
  • and as many other things that I can squeeze out because I don't need navy tweed with primary color flecks taking up room in the yarn box
Tracy, you'll notice you're not on the list because I know you feel the same way I do about navy tweed Woolease. Expect something cool for the holiday, but maybe not something handmade.

In other news, I hatehatehate this graduate school application process and the subesquent tracking-down-old-profs-to-get-letters-of-recommendation game that includes such choice moments as having to explain that no, I haven't done much with myself since college except wait tables and work on a couple shows, and no, I'm not sure what I want to do but I'm applying to (good) schools less than four hours away because as soon as Dan and I get married the forecast calls for scattered chance of babies, and I'm sure as hell not risking that without mom nearby to bail me out of my infant ineptitude.

...Stay tuned next time for the exciting conclusion of The Boobholder!

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