Wednesday, December 7, 2005

So I lied about the Boobholder. Again.

I. hate. finishing. Which explains the ends hanging out in most of my photos, and the general lack of blocking that makes my knitting look like it just woke up after a bender only to discover it has no idea where it has been or why it is wearing no clothes. Case in point:

Branching Out has got a terminal case of The Wrinkles. That's what I get for using acrylic. The pattern was so easy, though, that I'll definitely make it again. On either side are the hat and scarf for Pippa (please to forgive the lousy color/contrast). At least I won't have that Supersaver in the stash anymore. Huzzah!

And here's the beginning of the Irony scarf, named because I find it ironic that I'm knitting a scarf for my grandmother, who does not knit:

There has been no progress on the finishing of The Boobholder. Those sleeves will just have to stay unsewed until I get through the holiday knitting gauntlet. That way I won't be tempted to knit a bunch of things for myself.

That's what I keep telling myself.

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