Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What project is that? They all look the same

Or so says Dan. I love him, and I know that he's trying, but he thought the dreaded navy yarn was black for the first week or so I was knitting with it. There has been some progress, thank Jeebus, in the form of a cowl for mom:
The edging is a spiral rib pattern I cribbed from Last Minute knitted Gifts, because I still intend to (someday) make her the book's wristwarmers to go with this. The stockinette stitch is my favorite mindless thing to be doing while Dan plays Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS2. The inch and a half of ribbing at the bottom gave me terrible hand cramps, and I've already been scolded for knitting "too much" (a such thing?). Knitting in the round is amazing- I can see why it liberated Elizabeth Zimmerman. I find that when knitting flat I am driven to inspect my work at the end of each row, and my flat projects take longer for that reason (among others, I'm sure). The scarf is done:

I've got a hat in the works to match the pattern. In the round. And I think I'm going to give the two-circular thing a try because I'm too cheap to buy the needles becessary to knit the top of the hat. We'll see.

Last night, after some craftiness on Dan's part, our little friend heretofore known as Little Fucker, earned the name Worthy Adversary:

That damned mouse has been making me crazy for a week, and Dan finally got his spaghetti-jar-and-peanut-butter(-and-BRIE) trap to work last night. I think that WA is giving me some kind of sign in this picture. He was scuttling around in the jar, and then suddenly stopped right in front of the camera lens and put up his paw. Maybe he's giving me the finger.

We let him go into a pile of leaves a couple blocks away. Good luck, Little Fucker!

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