Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February is a work-in-progress

and I am actually kind of impressed with my ability to keep up with everything. The baby is very active (more so, I'm told, than other babies its age), and I am feeling pretty damn good (but TIRED). I've been knitting up a storm, and although I would rather focus on that, this week is kind of busy school-wise, and I am going to be up late tonight, writing a paper (yuck- at least it's only three pages... in grad school. yeah, I know). I've got a couple of weddings that I might be photographing (I'm in Detroit, but I'm willing to travel. And I'm cheap! Hire me!), and I am actively searching for a new job before I get so big that there's no way that I'll get hired, discrimination laws be damned. I know the second everything slows down, a baby comes out, so I'm trying to just go along with everything that's happening and simply focus on making an effort. It's not easy to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

But when I do, I get out my camera, and take a few pictures of works-in-progress:

Squatty Sidekick Bag
ooh, a black felted bag. Exciting!

Baby Blankie
That's more like it- Dan thinks it looks like Fruit Stripe Gum (it's odd that he'd liken a hand-knit item to a gum, but whatevs)

Mutie's Quilt Detail
It's not perfect, but it is cute- I want to bind it this weekend (and then it's done!)

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